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in 2018

Step by Step: Learn the Foundational Strategies, and Leading-Edge Tactics to Deliver 6 Figures in Sales to your Shopify Store in the next 6 weeks

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Frustrated because your Shopify store isn't making sales?

Worried about finding killer products or targeting the right niche

Worried about wasting money testing Facebook Ads without knowing what you're doing?

Worried that your whole ecommerce strategy isn't good enough?

Ready to join Nick, and a community of experts as we train and support you to create a badass online ecommerce business?

Brian followed my methods and went from$0 to $10kin sales just few months ago

My tutorials helped Eman go fromnothing to over a million dollarsin sales over the course of this year

Looking for your first sales? My methods havehelped thousandsbreak through this barrier

Want to discover new 6 figure products for your store? My marketing strategies have turned failed products into6 figureproducts for countless number of students!!



I am a 7 Figure Ecommerce Entrepreneur and creator of Ecom Empires.

I've built several 7 Figure dropshipping stores, but my real super power is teaching people to develop the correct mindset, and foundational skills that allow them to find their own massive ecommerce success.

Dropshipping is still an incredible opportunity for digital entrepreneurs in 2018, but there's a lot of fake gurus, teaching outdated information out there.

If you've already tried and failed at ecommerce, you're not alone and more importantly, it's not your fault. The game has changed and the churn and burn model of flipping Ali Express products that everyone and their dog taught in 2016 just doesn't cut it any more.

I created this course with iStack Training to set the record straight:

I've helped literally thousands of people learn the foundational skills of brand creation, niche/product selection, Shopify setup, and Facebook Ads and I'm here to tell you exactly what you need to do to be successful with ecommerce dropshipping in 2018.

What Am I Getting?

A Cutting-Edge Course That Teaches How to Crush It With Dropshipping in 2018 and Beyond

This course is over 12 hours of Nick's foundational and tactical teachings on how to create massive success with Shopify stores both in the short term and over the long haul.

Watch Over Nick's shoulders as he goes through, step by step, everything you need to know about researching, setting up, launching and scaling your Shopify Business.

A Private Facebook Ad Community with direct access to Nick, and a group filled with vetted ecommerce experts and dedicated peers eager to help you succeed.

Over 12 Hours of In-Depth training on how to master dropshipping in 2018

Access to a private FB Group dedicated to your success

Bonus Modules on email and messenger marketing

Monthly Live Classroom Sessions with Nick and other Industry All-Stars

Learn Nick’s 6 Part Formula
for Success

Start with the Right Strategy

Learn the foundations for high quality dropshipping, and how you can start to map your path to getting incredible results with Shopify

Find the profitable niche

Learn how to do proper product and niche research to find the most profitable niche

Find Irresistable products

Learn how to search within a niche for profitable product ideas to sell

Build a High Converting Store with a Great Customer Experieince

Learn how to design your store layout so it gives the feel of a legitimate brand

Test Your Products Efficiently on Facebook Ads

Learn how to get started testing your products with Facebook Ads

Scale Your Winners on Facebook Ads

Learn how to scale your Facebook Ads by understanding your audience and using the right creatives

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8 Figure Ecommerce Icon, Founder of Boom Cosmetics and Smart Marketer

Learn Ezra's key lessons about when and how to send emails to your audience to keep them coming back to your store.


7 Figure Dropshipping Pro and Founder of Rocket Message

Learn Seth's cutting-edge strategies for increasing engagement and sales with messenger marketing.

Is This Course
for You?

Do you worry that the opportunity to make millions selling physical products is passing you by?

Are you sitting on the sidelines with a few ideas, but not confident enough in your plan to jump in?

Have you built a simple drop shipping store, added some products, but now it just sits there collecting dust (and Shopify fees)?

Have you spent a few bucks on Facebook Ads, but haven’t been able to drive any sales?

Have you driven some sales, or maybe even had a nice 4 or even 5 figure windfall, but you haven’t been able to scale or sustain your business?

Do you lack confidence with your product selection, product ad testing systems, to the point where you can’t invest more into growing your business?

Are you ready to jump off the sidelines with a confident plan to start and scale a high profit ecommerce business?

Do you want to turn your low scale side hustle into a life changing ecommerce business?

Do you want to revisit your failed store with a fresh mindset, strategy, and hyper-current set of skills?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this course is built to help you succeed massively!

My Method Have Launched the Career of Legends

Over 12 Hours of In-Depth training on how to master dropshipping in 2018

Access to a private FB Group dedicated to your success

Bonus Modules on email and messenger marketing

Monthly Live Classroom Sessions with Nick and other Industry All-Stars

Find profitable niches
Source quality products
Build converting stores/funnels
Create amazing customer experience
Build engaging Facebook creatives
Test products with Facebook Ads
Scale Facebook Ads
Create a 7 Figure Business