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E-commerce Mastery Live (ECML) is an offshoot of the iStack Training's wildly successful Facebook Ads event, Facebook Mastery Live.

In Barcelona, we're laser focusing on E-commerce by preparing a whole day of leading-edge, directly applicable, high-level training for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Whether you're building a drop shipping store, a high-performance brand, or a standalone Facebook campaign for a CPA product, ECML will provide you with dozens of tips, strategies, and tactics that can 10X your business.

This full-day training event brings together some of the world’s top e-commerce minds, like Mohamed Ali Aguel, Steve and Evan Tan, Nick Peroni, Tim Burd and many others. Each speaker will bring their unique perspective on building e-commerce businesses, touching on topics like product research, product selection, outsourcing, warehousing, fulfillment, funnels, upsales, influencer strategies, Facebook Ads, Native Ads, affiliate growth strategies, and LOTS more.

E-commerce represents the opportunity of a generation. Meet us in Barcelona to learn the secrets of the world's most successful entrepreneurs and marketers.


Learn the ecommerce tactics driving over $100 Million in revenue

Ecommerce Mastery Live (ECML) is a world-class, advanced level Ecommerce training opportunity from iStack Training with partners Uncoil held in Barcelona, Spain on July 20th, 2018.

ECML features ten incredibly valuable talks from the world’s most successful Ecommerce experts.

In these presentations and panels, our experts teach high-level strategies and tactics on drop-shipping, building a brand and more, that will give students an immediate competitive edge as they grow their ecommerce empires.

These are the best discussions happening around Ecommerce today. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, Ecommerce Mastery Live will provide unique insights, exploits, and tactics you won’t learn about anywhere else. The results you witness will inform and inspire you to maximize your earning potential by harnessing the greatest opportunity of a generation.

Meet the presenters

We've gathered some of the top marketers in our world. Each is thrilled to be sharing knowledge and helping you grow your business.

Gretta Van Riel

Learn the Brand and Instagram Influencer Strategies that have propelled Skinny Me Tea and the 5th Watches to 8 figures

Hey Influencers

Tim Burd

Learn Tim's newest advanced bidding strategies and how they can help you test efficiently and scale at lightning speed

Facebook Ad Buyers

Ben Malol

Learn how to leverage creativity and buzz to transform a POD venture into a brilliant brand

Facebook Ads Group

Nick Peroni

Learn how to find a can't fail niche and products that people fall over themselves to buy.

Ecom Empires

Mohamed Ali Aguel

Learn the funnel strategies that have allowed Mo to double his AOV and pay more than his competitors for customers

Momentum Marketing Tribe

Seth Smith

Learn how to use Messenger Marketing Customized for Ecommerce to 10X Your Email Open Rates and Skyrocket Your Sales


Steve & Evan Tan

Learn how the general store game has changed, and how to grow to 8 figures 2018

eCommerce Elites Mastermind

Nick Shackelford

Learn the advanced FB Influencer strategies that fuel Nick’s 7 and 8 Figure Product Launches Fidgetly, Diff Eyewear, Pupsocks

Fidgetly, Diff Eyewear + Pupsocks



Why do our speakers give away such valuable information?

About a week after Facebook Mastery Live-Europe, we received this message from one of the attendees. These kind of comments are the real reason that all our amazing speakers give away such incredibly valuable information. Among everyone we work within the performance marketing community, there is a genuine desire to help people attain new heights in their business. A rising tide raises all boats and we’re thrilled to be a part of that.

Relive the World’s Premier Ecommerce Advertising Training Event

We've gathered some of the top marketers in our world. Each is thrilled to be sharing knowledge and helping you grow your business.

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