The Critical Shift from "Affiliate" to "Performance Marketer"

20:00 - 22:00 July 20th following Ecommerce Mastery Live.
Secret Location to be announced preceding the event.

Why it's vital to your success and how to get there in less than 6 months

Presented by

Jason Kryski from Strawhouse
"Forbes Canada's Fastest Growing Company"

Jason Kryski knows a little something about performance marketing. After years of building compliance skirting affiliate campaigns to make short term cash, he drew a line in the sand and decided to focus on actual creative marketing.

He founded Strawhouse as a white hat performance marketing agency in 2015, and since then has generated over $160 Million dollars in revenue, while promoting other people's products (including lots of GiddyUp offers).

Strawhouse is a prime example of the incredible heights that performance media buyers can reach with the right kind of mindset, creativity, and strategy.

Imagine: $160 Million as a low overhead media buying team without ever owning a product or answering a customer support ticket. The dream is possible and Jason will show you how.

Join us for a five star dinner at Barcelona's famous Soho House for Jason's high level presentation about how to transition from an affiliate marketer churning out $1000s of dollars of profit a day, to a performance marketing powerhouse banking millions a month.

Come for dinner, drinks and a night on the town in one of the world's greatest cities. Stay for your chance to network with Jason, GiddyUp, the ECML speakers as well as its highest level attendees.


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