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December 8th 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

The day after Affiliate World Asia, we will hold the year's most valuable Facebook training event. Now is your chance to get the worlds top Facebook media buyers’ advice and secrets.

Buy your pass now to attend the FBML and become a better Facebook marketer, learning from direct examples brought to you by the world's best Facebook marketers.

Learn the FB Ads Tactics Behind over $100 Million in Revenue

Learn the FB Ads Tactics Behind over $100 Million in Revenue

Facebook Mastery Live (FBML) is a world-class, advanced level Facebook training opportunity from the teams behind AWC, STM, 6 Week AMC, and Adbaker.

FBML will teach high-level, white-hat Facebook performance marketing know-how & strategies that give attendees an immediate competitive edge. This day-long event is about specific strategies for advertisers, taught by FB marketers who are spending millions on Facebook Ads and building sustainable, high-growth businesses.

This is not a day for newbies. Everything taught here is meant to be directly applicable to advertisers who are already spending significant budgets on Facebook.

FBML brings together Facebook marketing masters from several different white-hat areas including agency, CPA, ecommerce, gaming, online education and more. This is not a day for newbies. Each speaker will bring their unique perspective, as well as cutting edge strategies, exploits, case studies and most importantly, results that will both inspire and educate you about the best ways to make millions from the greatest advertising tool ever created.

Meet Our Presenters

We've gathered some of the top marketers in our world. Each is thrilled to be sharing knowledge and helping you grow your business.

Multiple Million Dollar Months with a General Store

The Tan Brothers dominate ecommerce with Facebook Ads like no one else

Steve and Evan Tan

eCommerce World Summit
Six Figure Days and Million Dollar Months: How to Scale at Light Speed

ZERO to $68MM in Annual Revenue in 36 Months with Lead Gen and E-commerce.

Named Forbes’ Canada’s Fastest Growing Company

Jason Kryski

"The True Measure of Facebook Ads: My $50MM Measurement Techniques"

Spends $40K Per Day on Facebook Ads on Lead Gen and E-commerce

Built the solar industry’s best media buying team with Purple Leads

James Van Elswyk

Purple Leads
Scale $1K to $30K in One Day Using Escalators, Elevators, and Stairs

Multiple Seven Figure Exits and Killing it in the Agency Game

Founder of the World’s Biggest Facebook Ad Buyer’s Group

Tim Burd

The Secret to Scaling with Automation

Made Millions with CPA on Facebook, Now Counts Porsche and Bodystreet as His Facebook Agency Clients

Co-founder of Adbaker, one of Germany’s top performance agencies

Patrick Dermak

5 Facebook Hacks You Can Implement Before Leaving Bangkok to Skyrocket Your Profit

Runs Several Seven Figure E-commerce Stores and Speaks Around the World on Scaling with Facebook Ads

Hand picked by Shopify as the fastest rising star on their platform

Mohamed Ali Aguel

Momentum Marketing Tribe
"Ecom Business Mastery: Seven Figures with One Product and One Funnel"

Hit His First Six Figure Facebook Campaign 30 Days Into Starting His FB Agency (and Hasn’t Looked Back)

Master of Ad Spying, Creative, Positive Engagement Strategies and Much More

Paul Jeyapal

Synapse Media Group
Tips for Hitting $250,000 Campaigns in Less Than 30 Days ( and How To Do it Repeatedly)

Engineering The Global Expansion of E-commerce Giant DFO

Global E-commerce Business Growth Strategy Expert

Bruce Cran

E-commerce Veteran Growth Hacks

Built a Seven Figure Digital Marketing Training Business in Less Than a Year

2000% ROI on Facebook Ads So Far

Eric Dyck

iStack Training
Host and Panelist

Meet the Speakers Dinner

After a full day of learning the world’s most valuable Facebook Ads strategies, you’ll definitely work up an appetite.

Every attendee is welcome to join us for dinner and drinks at the FBML Meet the Speakers’ Dinner.

FBML Knowledge Bombs

Bid to Budget Ratio

Automatic vs. Manual Bidding

Engagement Strategies

Competitive Intelligence

Audience Building Hacks

True Campaign Measurement

Testimonial From an FBML Attendee

Why do our speakers give away such valuable information?

About a week after Facebook Mastery Live-Europe, we received this message from one of the attendees. These kind of comments are the real reason that all our amazing speakers give away such incredibly valuable information. Among everyone we work with in the performance marketing community, there is a genuine desire to help people attain new heights in their business. A rising tide raises all boats and we’re thrilled to be a part of that.

Video Testimonials

Learn from and network with the best in an intimate setting where all will be revealed.

What To Expect From Facebook Mastery Live Asia

Learn from and network with the best in an intimate setting where all will be revealed.

Expect Unparalleled Value

You’ll never find this many FB ads super star on one stage

Expect ROI For Your Business

We’re providing directly applicable case studies that will grow your business

Expect The Unexpected

We’re bringing more than a few wild cards to the table. You never know what secrets they’ll divulge.