Two Days + Twelve Experts = MASSIVE Growth for Your Facebook Ads and Ecommerce Business

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Tim Burd’s

revolutionary Cloud Method that helps you test effectively at low budgets, and scale with ease.


Nick Shackelford

harnesses scarcity and buzz to create 6 Figure Black Friday level Facebook Campaigns every quarter.


Colin McGuire

Develops a strategies integrating influencer marketing and facebook ads to 10x ROAS and grow his clients to over $12.25MM in 2018.


Dan Nikas

went from selling $1000 a month in TeeSpring t-shirts to signing a $20MM deal with Marvel... all with POD.


Nirav Gandhi

scaled 100 products and a team of 30 to reach $200MM sales in 2018.


Nate Lind

uses 7 tools to automate 7 figure ecommerce stores in only 7 hours a month.

Tim Burd

Founder, AdLeaks

Audience Testing Game-Changer: Tim Burd, creator of the Bully, Shotgun, and Surfing Methods for scaling Facebook Ads, gives his top new insights

Nick Shackelford

Founder, Fidgetly

Black Friday x 4: Nick pulls the most succesful strategies from dozens of his high profile clients, for scaling Facebook ads with urgency, scarcity and a framework that allows for Black Friday level sales 4 times a year.

Colin McGuire

CEO, Boomn

Influencer Evolution: Learn Colin McGuire's new age strategy for integrating influencer marketing and Facebook ads to create funnels that convert higher and build a lasting, trustworthy brand that people remember.

Jeremy Haynes

Founder, Megalodon Marketing

The ad genius behind Dan Lok and others, teaches you exactly how to leverage your personal brand to grow your Facebook Ads based business

Jordan Menard

CEO, Longform Creative Co.

Join CEO of Longform Creative Co, Jordan Menard for a LIVE BREAKDOWN where he opens his ad account to show you how he structures his ads to create instant and scalable traction.

Depesh Mandalia


Facebook Ads Master Chef, Depesh Mandalia serves up the key ingredients to dominate with Facebook Ads in 2019

Curtis Nalley

Founder, Lending America

Watch as lending expert Curtis Nalley opens up a credit report to show you the hidden factors that can help you obtain up to $50K in funding at 0% interest.

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Nirav Gandhi

Founder & CEO, An Commerce

Gold Standard Scaling: Learn the operational scaling strategies Nirav used to grow to $200MM in sales in 2018

Corey & Keegan Rush

Founders, Blue Pack Marketing

Ecommerce Branding to Love Or Let Die: The Rush Brothers give the blueprint they've used to sell over $100MM in branded apparel

Dan Nikas

CEO, Gearbunch

Customer Manhunt: Learn the audience targeting skills Dan Nikas developed as a homicide detective that took him from a newbie t-shirt seller to an 8 figure print on demand powerhouse

Nate Lind

Founder/CEO, ADSUM

The 777 Ecommerce Solution Nate Lind has developed: he uses 7 tools to automate 7 figure ecommerce stores in only 7 hours a month.

Josh Elizetxe

Founder, Snow Teeth Whitening

Ecommerce Dream Wilder: Use Josh Elizetxe's “Who First” methodology to hire your true dream team and build partnerships with icons

Alex Brown

Chief Marketing Officer, DFO

Skyrocket your eCommerce revenues with these simple methods for uncovering, negotiating and optimizing direct site buys

Chase Harmer

CEO, PayCertify

Find Revenue You Didn't Know You Had: Breaking Down the Fintech Ecosystem

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What Will I Learn?

Day 1 • Jan 9, 2019


Advanced Facebook Ads Bidding Strategies

Whether you’re testing or scaling, learn the bidding strategies the experts use to get the MOST traction at the lowest possible CPM.


Facebook Ads Creative Formulas

Creating thumb-stopping ads is 80% of the hard work with Facebook Ads. Learn about the frameworks, funnels and go-to headlines that our experts use to make ads that excite, engage, educate, and convert.


Facebook Ads Spend Consistency

Facebook Ads is always changing, but you can insulate your accounts with these structures and best practices that help keep your campaigns spending profitably during turbulent times.


Influencers Amplified with Facebook Ads

Learn to take Influencer Marketing to the next level, amplifying it’s value and power with strategic integrations and precise Facebook Ads tactics.


Facebook Ads Interest Targeting Testing

Learn to hyper target hundreds of interests on Facebook, easily isolating your most profitable audience segments at a fraction of the costs that you’re spending now.


Become a Facebook Ads Metrics Master

Learn the checklist setup that will give you at-a-glance access, complete confidence in the most important metrics for your Facebook Ads campaign.

Day 2 • Jan 10, 2019


Audience and Product Perfection

Learn how to to research your audience, getting them to tell you the exact kinds of products they’re looking for.


Step-by-Step Brand Building

Learn the steps you need to take to build a brand that resonates, builds equity, and returns profitable sales long after your ads are turned off.


Gold Standard Scaling Practices

How do you ensure your company’s continued growth after finding initial success? Learn operational scaling strategies that can systematize your success at any level.


The Evolution of Dropshipping

Stay ahead of the curve and make sure your customers stay happy and return again and again by putting these high quality dropshipping strategies into place.


Automated Ecommerce Success

What good is a profitable business if you never have any time to enjoy it with your friends and family? Learn strategies and key software tools you need to automate your empire, making your free-time doubly profitable.


Google Adwords For Ecommerce

Leverage intent-based traffic to create high value funnels for your products and insulate your brand from competitors

Speaker Lineup and Full Day Schedule Here


Your Net Worth is Your Network

Our events are invaluable opportunities to connect with your most dedicated peers to build your network.

Come early for breakfast and meet new people during lunch, breaks, and Meet the Speakers happy hour.

Get ready to crowd source the best possible questions with our game-changing new "Reverse Q&A" Format.

Extra Networking Opportunity

Speakers Dinner

Join Eric Dyck, Tim Burd, and the rest of the Mastery Live speakers for an evening of high-level networking, fine dining, and deep bonding with your fellow entrepreneurs.

Evening January 10, Location is a secret. Stay tuned for more details.

20 seats only!

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Who Are These Events For?

These Events Are For

Current (or future) movers and shakers in the Facebook Ads and/or Ecommerce industry

Entrepreneurs ready for the most up-to-date, advanced strategies, tactics and systems available so you can implement them NOW.

Marketers willing to invest in your business development so you can see REAL results and 5X, 10X, 15X your profits!

Business owners not afraid to make tweaks and changes to your business to keep pushing, scaling, and growing.

These Events Are NOT For

Anyone not ready to invest in building the kind of business you’ve always dreamed of. What you have now is good enough.

People who are reluctant to try new things and afraid of change.

People who are not fans of hanging out with 100s of other entrepreneurs who totally get what this crazy entrepreneurial life is like.

Lone wolves who are against networking and don’t want to create relationships that will benefit your business for years to come.

Seats Are Extremely Limited!



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