Refund Policy

At iStack Training we carefully vet the teachers we work with ensuring that their content is high quality and filled with value to help you improve your ad campaigns and business. We want you to be more than satisfied with our courses.

While we can never guarantee profitability to any student, we are confident that the tactics and strategies taught in our courses will advance students’ mindset, skillset, and actually help them produce better results in their digital marketing business.

To be eligible for a refund you must have:

Completed the course content in full

Taken the recommended actions to apply some of the strategies and tactics in the course

To apply for a full refund, simply email us from your iStack Training email, let us know which course you took, then confirm that you completed the course, tell us how you applied its teachings but weren’t able to find any value from our course. We’ll review each request and grant refunds when the above criteria have been met.